Our Story

Hi, my name is Shanda, I am 32 years old, mother of two, ages 3 and 4 months. I have been creating with The Littlest Willow since 2018 ...with a few creative breaks here and there ;)

After the birth of our daughter Nora I started The Littlest Willow and as a stay at home mom I kept busier than ever.

Fast forward a few years and now here we are. With the birth of our son Teal I have a new outlook on why I started the business and am excited to integrate all aspects of my creativity to offer more streamlined handmade accessories and clothing with a more sustainable outlook.  This will entail made to order items, organic fabrics, up cycled materials, natural dyes, supporting fair trade etc....  

There will also be a new section to our site dedicated to pre-loved and consigned clothing.  Re-using clothing that already exists on the planet is the most sustainable fashion. The goal is to help you continue the love for your baby & kids clothing and offer a platform to purchase sustainable items, from a local small shop that you already know and trust.

I am positive that as The Littlest Willow grows, it will have a small but positive impact on consumption habits. My love for the environment and minimalist lifestyle, helps me keep an eye on the big picture and always realign to what matters most.

I am very happy to embark in this journey with you, and I am very thankful for your support!

Shanda Cardinal, Founder and Owner